Lonely Planet Bangladesh & Fiji

Lonely Planet Bangladesh (2016) & Lonely Planet Fiji (2016)
Lonely Planet Bangladesh (2016) & Lonely Planet Fiji (2016)

My latest two guidebooks for Lonely Planet are now available. I’m the co-author of guides to two rather different destinations – Bangladesh and Fiji.

It’s hard to think of two guides that had two such contrasting research trips: from rattling about in rickshaws in Dhaka – the most crowded and congested city I’ve ever visited – to scuba diving resorts on the edge of Pacific reefs. But both worthy destinations in their own right. And counter-intuitively, it was Bangladesh that had the exciting surf scene (in Cox’s Bazaar) rather than Fiji. The latter wins out for waterfalls and manta rays however…

Lonely Planet Bangladesh is available here. Lonely Planet Fiji is available here.

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