A decade of Lonely Planet Morocco

Lonely Planet Morocco: 2007-2017
Lonely Planet Morocco: 2007-2017

The new edition of Lonely Planet’s Morocco guidebook is out now. I researched and wrote the chapter covering Tangier and the Mediterranean Coast. Rather pleasingly, this means that my area is this edition’s cover star , with a lovely shot of Chefchaouen’s blue-washed medina.

Guidebook writing can sometimes be a bit of churn, writing up one destination while planning the next trip and sometimes working on the edits of a previous job at the same time. There’s not always much of a chance to look back at what you’ve done, but as I put the new edition on my shelves it was quite startling to realise that I’ve now worked on five consecutive editions of the Morocco guide for LP over the past decade, as well as covering the country on separate research trips for LP’s Africa on a Shoestring, West Africa and Mediterranean Europe guides. Adding it all up, that’s a lot of mint tea and tajines.

My relationship with this particular guide goes back to 1994 when I used the first edition on a backpacking trip to Morocco. Back then the book was called Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia, and it was a great tool even if it didn’t warn a couple of naive students just how silly it was to take a non-stop bus from London to Casablanca (answer: very). It’s a great book, and it’s always a thrill to work on it. Here’s to more editions to come!

Lonely Planet Morocco is available here.

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